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                                       MANUFACTURER, EXPORTER & TRADER

        "HFEF  Make  Electro-Mechanical  Pyramid  Type  Plate  Rolling  Machine  is  reputed  Industries  and
        Fabricators because of its workmanship, design and performance. Pyramid Type Bending Rolls are most
        suitable  for  production  of  cylindrical  shells  used  for  various  purposes  like  Pipes,  Storage  Tanks,
        Chimneys, Pressure vessels etc.

        Though the construction of the machine is strong, sturdy, rigid and heavy; special emphasis in design and
        modern technique have both been combined to give the machine a sophisticated appearance along with
        a low profile, which provides a low pass-line for ease of Plate Rolling and convenience of the operator and
        also simultaneously maintaining accuracy.

        Heavy Duty Plate Rolling machines employ the conventional 3-roll Pyramid Principle. The bottom rolls
        rotate in a fixed position but the top roll is adjustable for an up-and-down movement with the help of two
        manually adjustable screws which in turn rotate in heavy Metals Nuts provided with thrust support. These
        screws are easy to rotate since they are provided with a Ball Bearing Mechanism which is incorporated in
        two Load-ending Gun Metal Bushes which in turn house the top roll.

        The bottom rolls are given drive through an electric motor and a worm reduction gear box of reputed
        make. The drive is transmitted to the bottom rolls through a set of gears cut from forged steel, by Hobbing
        Process and tempered for longevity and durability.

        The housings are of all steel fabricated construction, make from plates of suitable strength having good
        welding Characteristics are fracture proof. The drive-side housing is provided with a fabricated screw type
        counter-balancing  system,  which  keeps  the  top  roll  horizontal  and  parallel  to  the  bottom  rolls  for
        facilitating easy removal of the rolled shell.

        Rolls are made of wear resistant forged premium steel EN8/EN9 material and to keep the deflections
        during working to the minimum. They are generously dimension. Axial Grooves are provided throughout
        the length of the bottom rolls for a better and firm grip, correct feeding and squaring the work piece in the
        machine before the rolling operation. The top roll bushes side in a machined chamber of the all steel
        fabricated load-resistant heavy duty housing.

        All the bushes are provided with a built-in storage for the lubricant. The Gun Metal bearing provided in the
        bushes is incorporated with circumferential and axial grooves for even lubrication of the roll journals and
        thus ensuring minimized friction and longer life of the Gun Metal Bearings. Pointer Indicators and scales
        are provided at both ends for correct top roll adjustments and pressure. In production work this pointer
        and scale are extremely useful to repeat a setting.


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