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                                       MANUFACTURER, EXPORTER & TRADER


             Proper foundation required for all type of 3 Rolls Plate Bending Machine, but PIT foundation is required for Big & Heavy duty machine.
             Do the proper Installation & Electrification after doing proper foundation.
             Fill up Oil (Of any Bharat Petroleum Brand) in Gearbox and Grease in all Auxiliary Gears before operating the machine.
             Lift up the Top roller by handling screw with given handle with equal proportionately with both the ends.
             Pre-pinch the test plate before inserting in machine to get curvature.
             Insert the test plate by squaring the plate on bottom rolls. And test plate height is to be maintained with the Bottom roller height.
             Start the lowering Top roll and rest on the test plate by moving screw from both the side equally & proportionately. Start the machine
             so it gets rolled the plate.
             Gradually increase the Top roll presser on the test plate to get the require size of the Internal Diameter of the job.

             After completing of the rolling operation lifts up the Top roll end Tighten up the lifting screw (given back side of the machine) for up the
             Top roll to facilate & help for removal of test pieces.
             Remove the non drive side end by using the mechanism given mechanical screw the non drive side end by moving clock wise and Anti
             clock wise, for re-setting of non drive side end.

                                            UNIQUE SPECIAL DESIGNED OPTIONALS
         Extended Rolls (To Be Ordered Along With Machine).         Feeding Platform.
         Dies For Rolling Of Angles.                                Interchangeable Extra Top Roll To Roll Shells Of Smaller Diameter.
         Channels, Pipes, Flats, I-beam Etc.                        Spill Proof Re-usable Lubrication System.
         Attachment For Conical Rolling.                            Manual Or Pneumatic Or Mechanical Shell Ejecting Device.
         Extra Heavy Base Frame (for Site Work).                    Remote Floating Control
         Direct Coupled Gear Box With Electric Motor And Electro-magnetic Brake.  Shell Support Dev1ce.
         Semi Automatic Centralised Lubrication System.             Gun Metal Nuts For Smoother Manual Rotation.

               The plate is bent towards the top roll  Roll the plate through the
               by the other roll and the plate edge is   machine and bend to
               prebent to minimum flat end possible.   desired diameter.
               A  length  of  the  plate  is  rolled  and
               radius is checked.

               Lower the clamping roll and raise   Finished cylinder is released
               the other roll until the plate is clamped   from the machine by lowering
               again. Roll the plate into a closed cylinder  the drop end.
               and prebend the second plate edge


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